Programs broadcast by Cyberkada Network, Inc. that been aired on QSKC (DXQC-TV 7), and CyberkadaTV (DXCK-TV 17). The Team QC are composed of newscast, public affairs programs, comedies and news parodies, entertainment and sports programs the cater the Filipino younger audience.

Currently broadcastEdit

News and Public AffairsEdit

  • Cyberkada News Bulletin '(2013-present)
  • Cyberkada News Update''(2013-present)*
  • Balitang360 (2013-present)*'
  • Balitang Youthfull (2013-present)'
  • Umaga Na Cyberkada! '(2013-present)*
  • Bali-tawak (2013-present)*
  • Intensity CK '(2013-present)
  • Tanong ng mga Ka-Cyberkada '(2014-present)
  • Meet the Sudents of Cyberkada '(2014-present)

Comedies/Parodies (produced by QSKC and CyberkadaTV)Edit

  • QC Patrol (2010-present)


  • YFC Praise and Worship*
  • SUnday TV Mass (at St. Michael's Cathedral)*


  • Chika per Minute (2013-present)*
  • Jeepney TV: Tawa-way Zone (2013-present)*
  • Cyberkada Netways (2014-presenr)
  • Todo Shoutout show with Kathleen James (2014-present)*


  • CyberkadaTV Sportscast (2013-present)*
  • PCCL on CyberkadaTV (2014-present)*
  • MIGBT on QSKC (2013-present)

(* means this is only aired on the virtual TV channel)

Upcoming programsEdit

  • CyberkadaTV News Bulletin: Grade 7 Edition (2nd Quarter 2014)
  • QSKC Dyoks ko 'To (2nd Quarter 2014)

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